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Project Managers

Every ControlNET project manager follows a project from start to finish. They are constantly monitoring the project's progress and workforce productivity while analyzing the flow of information, equipment, and material. Our highly responsive project managers strive to keep building owners up-to-date on their investment.

Installation Specialists

Installation is an area that ControlNET prides itself on, bringing a superior fit and finish to any challenge. We employ multiple master and journeymen electricians bringing their expertise to the table.

Application Engineers

ControlNET engineers are the communicators between each department to ensure system functionalities are at their highest quality. They determine the relationship of software and hardware to system specifications ensuring that job definition and operating issues are resolved early. Engineers also assure quality as they assist in preparing program tests and debug procedures.

Control System Specialists

Constantly communicating with application engineers, control system specialists work to develop the methodology for checking and testing the software. After installing the programs for equipment that make up the system, they perform a complete system-by-system checkout.

Graphic Design Engineers

The Graphics Department is always striving to create a simple and clean navigable system for the end user. With 3D modeling, animated features and UI experience, the department sets the bar for a front-end experience in a building automation system. We are a proactive team, always researching and developing ways to ensure the best possible user experience with a quality ControlNET system. At ControlNET we say, "Ease of use promotes use." Learn More

Panel Shop & Material Specialists

Specialists in the panel shop and material procurement department sets the stage for all of ControlNET's projects. With input of project managers from building owners, they are able to produce pre-fabricated panels that are best suited for the project.

Engineer Instruction

At ControlNET, only Tridium Niagara “Certified” Engineers are permitted to instruct customers in the proper operation of their ControlNET systems. ControlNET employs many Niagara certified engineers, trained by Tridium certified instructors. In addition, employees receive on-going training in our Kalamazoo, Michigan training facilities. Comprehensive internal/customer training modules are given to ControlNET customers and employees on your site or in our Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids or Detroit area facilities.

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