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Heating, ventilation and air condition is a staple of building automation systems. ControlNET integrates simple and easy to use Building Automation Systems (BAS) to allow the building owners to have more control over the heating and/or cooling units. This will allow building owners to save energy, provide a more comfortable environment for patrons, input schedules and much more. Learn More


Similar to HVAC control systems, lighting control systems are used on both indoor and outdoor lighting of commercial, industrial, and residential spaces, and provide building owners with control. These systems serve to provide the perfect amount of light where and when the owner schedules it. Learn More

Video Surveillance

Security is necessary for any building owner and with security integrations, building owners will get just that. The system will allow only authorized personnel access to a CCTV System in cases of emergencies. Learn More

Access Control

Niagara's security platform with SQL integration allows building owners to give access to specified personnel. Building owners will have the ability to control lock statuses of one or all doors at any given time and monitor activity in their building and its secured areas. Learn More


Being able to monitor, read and analyze a buildings power usage is a great asset. With integrations that include generators, automatic/static transfer switches and electrical substations, the building owner will be able to compare historical power consumption and plan the upcoming year around any findings or weaknesses. Learn More


To take advantage of any building automation system, ControlNET will set up dynamic trends of points. This feature will allow the building owner to collect data for any object and store it or bundle it into a report. Historical graph views, alarm notifications and scheduling are standard features available in a ControlNET system. Learn More

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