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Historical trending/graphing as well as real time trending/graphing make up standard tools provided for every ControlNET designed system. The operator may select data points to be viewed and analyzed with several chart styles available. Building owners are also able to compare different data points from different units.


The system is able to route any alarm condition to any defined user location whether connected to a local network or wide-area network. The Alarm generation is selectable for annunciation type and acknowledgement requirements including but not limited to: Alarm, Return to Normal and Fault. Email of the complete alarm message to multiple recipients is made easy with Tridium's built-in alarming/paging feature. This feature has the ability to email alarms based on Day of week, Time of day and Recipient.


An unlimited number of On/Off events are allowed for each unit schedule and schedules may be linked into a Master/Slave scheduling scheme. Schedules will allow the user to set regular times for the unit to run, add Special Events, edit time ranges and more.


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