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ControlNET is a regional leader in the graphical operator interface experience. Our full time graphic designers/engineers that are highly skilled with the Niagara framework create a front-end based on company standards and customer feedback. The User Interfaces (UI) are constructed using a wide-range of digital design tools and software suites. They create a cohesive style and ensure that a consistent design language is applied across the system. The result is a front-end that is intuitive and easy to use. Some of the assets created by the graphics department enhance user experience when navigating a ControlNET system and help end users recognize and relate the units they are controlling.

The Building Automation System (BAS) is built as a Web Application, and can be accessed with any common web browser. Using HTML5 standards for a plug-in free environment, the system is also accessible with mobile devices. These options provide portability and convenience to the end user.

Customized Home and Navigational Banner

BannerA designated home page allows the graphics department to be a little more creative with a control system. This also allows a bit of the building owners brand be a part of the system and can be seen right after logging in. A tailored navigational banner is also added to ensure the end user can easily maneuver through the system without getting stuck or lost.

3D Equipment Models

Representational 3D models are created to help building owners, facility personnel and more to associate the correct unit with the one they are controlling. This feature enhances the user's experience by showing what units look like and what how they are currently functioning.


Mechanical Systems

Flow drawings can be complicated to decipher and even more complicated to follow when systems overlap with each other. With isometric drawings, pipes are color-coded, units are labeled and flow can be easily traced through the design.


Detailed Floor Plans

Buildings can be large, multi-level, multi-section, disorienting structures but with a simple organized floor plan, buildings can be navigable and show off the architecture.


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