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With a ControlNET HVAC system, units such as air handling units, energy recovery units, heat pumps, variable air boxes, and more can be monitored and controlled in one place. A user-friendly front end and intuitive control panel allows the end user to configure the unit how they want.

Building Floor Plans

Top down structural floor plans are used to help the building owners find locations of temperature sensors which are tagged with their real-time space temperature and the equipment each is associated with.


3D Modeled Units

Highly detailed, richly textured 3-D equipment graphics with animated fans, dampers and valves. Realistic views of equipment provide operators with easy to understand information when trying to comprehend complex building systems and operations.

Mechanical Systems

Hot water systems, snow melt, in-floor heat and more are re-interpreted into a 2.5D (isometric) view to allow end users to follow the flow without getting confused or having to trace out where the pipes lead. Sensors such as temperature and pressure are also monitored to relay the most current information to the end user.

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